Wednesday, February 6, 2013

R&D Expenses and Patents

I put this together just for fun. I can't guarantee the accuracy. Patents acquired instead of generated in-house are not included.

As a percentage of revenue, Apple's R&D expense looks puny. And it looks like Microsoft Research is our modern day Xerox PARC lab, just what Nathan Myhrvold wanted.

(source: USPTO and Google Finance)

* Oracle: including Sun Microsystems patents.


  1. What does Microsoft come up with for that huge expense, though?

  2. To be honest, considering how high the Revenue for Apple is, maybe that is not surprising! Still, Apple should put more money since eventually, they will fall behind. Good time never lasts!

  3. I've just spotted a flaw.

    USPTO may not publish submitted patent applications straight away. The "US pending patents applied in 2012" figures will understate the actual number of submissions. I think I need to look at 2011 figures which will be a bit more reliable.